“Transmuting the mundane into the majestic”


What is the purpose of this Life Coaching business?



  • We are here to walk you through the journey of transmuting pain into power

There is no escaping life without some painful moments of grief, loss, disappointments and harsh realities. How you come through these moments can determine if you live from a defeated position or thrive. Life Alchemy can help you navigate these moments and use them to propel you into your highest quality of life.



  • Assist you in transitional spaces of ambiguity to live your most authentic life

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever had a major career loss and trying to figure out your next move? Do you feel you are in transition but don’t quite understand the space you are in at the moment. Life Alchemy is here to walk you through this transition to the other side to your most authentic self.


  • Help guide you as you release old trauma and habits to move into a more healthy existence

If you are struggling to release an old habit it is usually a coping mechanism developed from a larger issue. Life Alchemy will help guide you through the process of unraveling this addiction or habit to find the source so that it may be replaced with a healthier habit and way of life. This sometimes leads to exposing buried trauma. If this requires deeper healing work you may be referred to a more specialized professional.


  • Support you as you de-clutter your mental and emotional spaces to find clarity and serenity

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? Let Life Alchemy help you de-clutter so that you may once again walk in your serenity


  • Spiritual support and guidance

If you need prayer, spiritual insight and intuitive guidance Life Alchemy can support you through this process.