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Disaster Preparedness for Troubled Times is a 26-page download of some of the most critical things you must think about and prepare for in a major natural or man-made disaster. In the download you will receive:

The Six most important items you must prepare first

72 Hour Emergency Kit Supply List

Preparedness Checklist

Get Home Bag Supply List

Water Purification Instructions

Emergency Contact Numbers

Disaster Resilience Journal

Alternative Lighting List

Essential Oils List for Different Types of Pain

How to Pack Your Backpack for Efficiency

Pet Preparedness List

Top Ten Anti-Inflammatory Foods List to Stay Healthy

The Various Survival Uses of Paracord

Sleeping Bag Basics

Everyday Carry Essentials

What Happens When Trucks Stop Running (Our Supply Chain)

Germ Kit List

First Aid Kit List

Contact Information for Aaron Olinger and Nicola Hurst

Disaster Preparedness For Troubled Times

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