Empathic Healers Only! Release!

This space is reserved for Healers who are Empaths

  • 33.33 US dollars

Service Description

Where do the healers go to release and unwind, to be heard and understood after they have spent their time energy, and love caring for others? Being an empath means you feel more than most and carry more for others than they tend to carry for you emotionally. This space is a safe space to talk and release with other empaths who understand your plight. We will do gentle restorative exercises to call our energy back to ourselves and release the weight of the world for a moment. DISCLAIMER: Because empaths tend to draw those who are seeking our energy and Narcissists who are unhealthy, a very STRONG BOUNDARY will be set for this moment. If you ARE NOT an empathic healer and I sense that you are an energy vampire of any sort, you will IMMEDIATELY BE DISMISSED from this session WITHOUT REFUND. This is not a space to use empathic energy, it is a space to restore empathic energy.

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